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My name is Gary Cooper and I am a Head Shot & Portrait Photographer based in London, Bromley UK. I want to talk about why it is so important to me that all my customers know exactly how much a photography session will cost and what they are getting for their hard earned cash.

So its important to state right from the beginning two key points.

Firstly I am a full time photographer which means all my income comes from photography and secondly I don’t compete on price, I compete on service. Now I wanted to put the last two statements out there to be 100% transparent with how I go about pricing. There needs to be a certain amount of money coming in each month mixed with a reality of how many photo shoots I can do which in turn does not impact on service.

At the time of putting this post together, I have just gone through my website pricing pages and cleaned them up a little. Before the clean up I had options put together as packages to try to give my next customer an idea of what I can offer them and how if you needed certain bespoke results that I could deliver that for you as part of a package. The trouble was that every job I was getting at the end of 2017 was just not fitting in with any of the packages I had in place, which got me think, was I putting new customers off with my current package set up?

I have always stressed that I offer a bespoke service

but I have also always found that the customer 9 times out of 10 needed a little helping hand choosing the final package options. There is nothing wrong with that, I love sitting down with my customers and listening to what is really important to them so I can throw ideas at them and see what they like. Some customers have worried that the more ideas they take the more it will cost them, which can be true, but no where near how much they are thinking.

Something that I really hate is

the big headline offers of a FREE Photo Shoot or £20 for a Family Photo Shoot. I hate these offers because when you check the small print you find out that you then have to pay £50 plus for each photo that you want. Unfortunately a lot of people only find this out on the day of the photo shoot and then leave disappointed or out of pocket. Yes there is an argument that once you see the quality of the photos you would be happy to pay £200 for a photo session, however when people are trying to budget, they just want to know exactly how much its all going to cost. On top of this is the idea that even if the offer is 100% transparent, ie. It was FREE or £20 with no extra fees, how on earth can you run a sustainable business with that kind of pricing strategy?

So this is why I have focused my pricing on two things, time for shooting and number of prints needed. But hang on, I hear you say, don’t all photographers do that? No they don’t. There can be charges for black & white as well as colour images, different background colours, changes in clothes, shooting on location or in a studio and editing of photos. There was a photographers website I was looking at the other day which said ‘£35 per an hour for all images taken’ Underneath it then stated that ‘Head Shot Session £190 with all images taken’ So I ask myself, which price is it? When you start putting limits on what you are prepared to do for your customer unless they pay extra, you start to limit the impact of the finial results.

I make it a standard

that as long as we can agree upfront any key looks or results that a customer wants, so I can ensure I have the correct tools with me to do this, then I really don’t mind how many times they want to change their top or if they need a contact sheet of their images sent out to an agent. It really does not bother me because I want my customer to be happy with the results and I do believe that a happy customer will go on to recommend me to friends and family, which is the best marketing you can ever have.

So now when you look at the pricing on my website, you will see a list of the most common requests from my customers which I offer as standard and all you have to do is let me know you need that as part of your photo shoot. I then have a break down of different customer bases who may need a photo shoot price, for example, Linked In head shot profile, Small Business and actors packages with the main difference being how many photos you get included in the price and how long we will shoot for.

Now this is probably that time in the blog where you start to go and look at how much a photo shoot costs, normally this is where you find out that its £1000 plus for a one hour session with only 6 photos. Well I am pleased to tell you that packages start at £80 and if you want to have all the photos from a session then just add £100 on top of any of the packages you choose. If you are on a real tight budget and just need one photo, then you can book me for £55 to come out and get that one photo for you.

Go and check out my portfolio

over at and check out my amazing feedback on my Google Business page. If you don’t choose me to be your next Head Shot or Portrait Photographer, that’s up to you, but make sure that who ever you choose, you have checked what the final results look like from their website portfolio and you know exactly how much it will cost you before the photo session.

Have a great day and if you have a questions then do please get in touch.

Gary Cooper

Head Shots & Portraits

Square Freedom Photography


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