Copyright of Square Freedom Photography

Hello you beautiful people! My name is Gary Cooper and this is Snap Creative Photos – Where Creativity Has No Limits!

So in today’s update I wanted to talk about this photo that I took at Brands Hatch Race Track.

Copyright of Square Freedom Photography

Now everyone who I have showed it to has loved it and I get nice things said about it and all that jazz. But now I need to come clean about this photo. No its ok, it is my photo and my idea to create it. However it actually started life looking like this…

Copyright of Square Freedom Photography

So I guess now I should explain how I went from that photo to the finished result.

So the Brands Hatch day out was going to be a whole video on Shutter Speeds but I quickly found that talking about shutter speed was not very interesting and to be honest, it didn’t excite me. So when I got back to the editing of the photos that afternoon I decided to do what I do best and get creative.

So there was many photos I took on the day which would show one or two cars whizzing around the track. So all I really did was to take each of these and place them on the track photo I took.

I will put a video up of me editing these photos to create the final image later in the week. Let me know if there are any other photos you would like me to capture or edit.


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