I do believe that less talk and more action is  never a bad idea. So after all the planning and talking about bringing this blog to life, I am just going to do it. So here we go!

Welcome to the Snap Creative Photos Blog which is the blog for Square Freedom Photography. I want to use this platform to focus on the fun elements of photography and also add value to everyone’s photography skills no matter what gear you are using to take photos.

To kick things off I am setting myself and everyone who wants to challenge me, to take an awesome Self Portrait. These challenges will run for two weeks at a time to allow for people to work around family & work commintments but still get involved with the review of the photos. On top of this I also wanted to add some value to your photography by putting together little tips and things to think about posts which focus on the challenge that is live at the time.

There is only 1 rule to follow before you follow the rule of having fun and that is to share your images with #SnapCreativePhotos and tell us what you shot the image with ie. iPhone, compact, DLSR, Mirrorless, Film or anything else you might have. The main aim behind this is to highlight images from each area as I truly believe that the best camera you have is the one in your hand!

Follow my Facebook page www.facebook.com/snapcreativephotos and add comments over there with links to your work. This will be rough around the edges but I will work to make it a polished master piece as time goes by but like I said at the beginning, less talking and more action!

Like, subscribe and follow please, let’s go have some fun!


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