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My name is Gary Cooper and this weeks Photography Challenge is a Photo Revisited Challenge. So in this post I will share with you the photo in question and go over some of the settings used and what I remember of the set up from back then. If you are reading this over at the blog then I will ensure there are photos throughout for you. If you are listening to this via the Snap Creative Photos Podcast then I will ensure I enhance the podcast to have some photos on there for you as well. Youtube you as always get the best of both worlds with sound and visual benefits. So let’s get into this.

We are looking today at this photo of my sister,

lets make that a little bigger for you. Now actually let me show you the before and after side by side as I have already done some edits to this photo based on my learning of Lightroom edits. Right there you go so lets have a look at when I took this image, if I go over here let’s have a look at some details behind this image.

The image was taken on the 18th of October 2011 at 3:45 shall we say in the afternoon. The shutter speed was 1/ 20th of a second and wow I was shooting at F29! I don’t think I’ve shot at F29 like, forever. Lets have a look at the ISO, Ok so looking at the ISO, even though the ISO is showing at being 6400 – can we just zoom in on this, I can see where it’s a bit grainy and potentially it is not properly in focus just looking over the eyes on the photo but to be fair its really really good in terms of like how bad I would of thought a 6400 ISO would be coming out as I would imagine 6400 ISO being quite distorted.

Camera was Nikon D5100

So what I remember of this photo

is that it was taken on my Nikon D5100 a camera I still use today for certain photos. I do really believe that it’s not about what camera you’ve got, it’s about how you use it and knowing what to do with it. I was quite happy with that photo and that would have been sent off and printed or whatever needs to be done with it, I think that one was the image that was sent off and printed as well if I remember rightly and yes that’s where my photography limits my experience were at the time.

I’m still shocked and a little impressed that’s 2011 so yeah I didn’t realise my D5100 was that old. The set up for this photo was by a big window in the dining room to use all the natural light that I could as at the time I didn’t have any flash’s. I remember it was a case of getting my sister to keep moving her head around to take her mind off the fact that I was taking photos but also for me to try and find the right light and pose for the final image. Thats right, it was on burst mode and I had my finger firmly on the shutter button.

So from what I’ve have learned since 2011

from an editing point of view I’ve managed to do some edits on this photo so I’ve brought down the clarity to smooth out the skin with, brought down the exposure because actually the exposure was still quite bright on the original, I have bought in some more colour to the face changing the saturation so that it just looks a lot more pleasing on the eye, however now the challenge I am setting myself is to retake this photo with the same setup of the natural light and using the same camera, my trusted Nikon D5100.

The only things I will be changing is the settings as I will not be shooting at F29! I will also be looking at using my light setup in another photo to show that natural lighting is all well and good but why I believe that having your own light setup and knowing how to adjust camera settings to get the best out of the gear you are using, will show why lighting is the be all and end all and you have just got to have the right light to be able to take great photos.

Settings used for the photo

What I hope to be able to show you

is how my level of knowledge in photography from that point has grown and obviously you can tell that by the settings – bloody F29! I don’t know why I would be shooting at F29 and just 1/20th of a second, that’s why it’s not going to be in focus and blurry eyes, I was probably moving as well as her moving so this could be really interesting. So yeah we’re going to retake the photo using what knowledge I now have using the natural light from the same window and then I’m going to do a light setup, probably use for this one the Beauty Dish as I’ve got the luxury of being able to do that in the comfort of my own home.

Please come back later in the week to see the end result. I will have that up by Friday for you and I encourage you to look at a photo you have taken in the past and see how you could recreate it with improvements from the knowledge you have gained over the years.

Have a great week and remember Creative Has No Limits here at Snap Creative Photos.


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