Hello and welcome to News In Focus here on Snap Creative Photos my name is Gary Cooper and today I am talking about Olympus’s new smart glasses with a 2.4 megapixel camera. Now hold on a minute why are we talking about smart glasses I hear you say?? I can’t really hear you say I just imagine that’s exactly how it would go down. So basically there was a really big hype around the 2.4 megapixel camera that Olympus had on the smart glasses so it was coming up in the places where I would see things on social media on Twitter so I thought I better have a look see what this is all about and share with you guys what it’s all about so today you’re going to hear or read my thoughts on this new release and should you go and buy one. So let’s get straight into the blog if you are reading this then thank you if you are listening to the podcast then thank you as well, please leave your comments below, like, subscribe & share with friends and family. We are just getting started but I would really love your support so thank you very much.

So on Monday Olympus showed off its new Smart Glasses which is called the Olympus EyeTrek insight EI-10 Smart Glasses and because that is such a mouthful and we’re just going to call them Smart Glasses from now on in, I might even had Olympus at the front just to clarify. So when I first saw these images going up online for these new Smart Glasses I really thought that it was April 1st, April Fools Day! What is going on with the Olympus PR because the photo which was going all over the Internet is the one we’ve used on our blog today so please if you are listen on the podcast go check out our blog so you can see what that image was, but let me describe that to you now. It was basically the Olympus Smart Glasses which looked like they were going to be the eye protection glasses that you would see builders wearing or scientists use in a lab. So these massive eye protection plastic glasses they looked plastic, there was no making me thinking it was some fancy metal work, they looked plastic and you had that as their main image that was going around.

So on finding out more information about this, because they picked up so much around the 2.4 megapixel camera, I’ve found out that actually I think they should have been focusing on the fact that you can remove the Olympus Smart Glasses unit. Thats right the actual unit is removable to go on any glasses you like and the reason they chose the press photo to be the eye protection plastic glasses is because they are mainly aiming this at the business industry, like for engineering, doctors that kind of thing is what they’re looking at. So lets look at some of the features, it has a 2.4 megapixel camera, which is why it’s ended up here on the blog, they can be attached to any glasses, shoot video or photos with standard colour display setup for this kind of item pretty much matches Google Glass. It’s got a 16-bit microphone as well so can record video, photos as well as voice which is really good if you’re having to document something you’re doing.

They go on to say it’s compact and lightweight for extended use, so the weight of the item is 66g with the battery and I don’t know what that feels like I don’t know if that is something you would walk around with all day on one side of your head so I don’t know what that looks like. They mention around its battery life as well which is 30 to 60 minutes usage time and I just think that that kind of just contradicts itself right there when you’re saying compact and lightweight for extended use – so brilliant it’s nice and compact it’s lightweight (it doesn’t look compact to be honest from the image of the bulky unit) and when a battery is only going to last you 60 minutes, I just feel what can you achieve in 60 minutes when you’re trying to aim this at your business community. So it’s one of them kind of scenarios where you will send someone out to a job and they do one job and then that’s it for the day because, how I envision these glasses being used, is with AR technology that’s how I can really see this going off in the manufacturing kind of world. It’s got your standard Wireless LAN & Bluetooth they mention about this unique optical technology with a semi-transparent effect that allows you to see images and data without impeding your eyesight.

So pricing and launch details. Launching in the US this month no date for the UK yet, it will set you back around the $1,500 mark which is again the same price that Google Glass would do for you. Press release was really positive and upbeat but I felt like it was missing something and doesn’t seem to really have any benefit when you’ve got what you’re trying to target is a very high demanding industry where they don’t want to be charging stuff every hour and you can already see Google trying to come up with short term solution’s by having external battery packs that can be plugged in if you are doing more demanding usage of the Google Glass.

So will I be buying one any time soon – No. I can see where this tech will work in the future, I know I have spoken about AR already but even in getting it to support VR would take these to another level. VR is way out in the future and AR is finally getting some traction after years of being out there, so that maybe how Smart Glasses go, building each year by working with businesses and listening to their feedback.

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