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My name is Gary Cooper and today I finally reveal the finished results of my Photo Revisited Challenge. I will show you the original image that I was looking to revisit and then the new image using the same light set up. On top of that I will also be showing you two images of how I used my lighting set up to add impact to a final image of my sister.

Lets get started, so here is the image I wanted to look at retaking using my Nikon D5100 and the 18-105mm lens with just natural window lighting.

If you can remember I was shooting at F29! 1/20th of a second ISO of 6400 and at 62mm and it was October at the time around 15:00. I still can not think why I would of been shooting at F29. I think this would mainly be down to not understanding how my camera settings worked together to create a great image.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for…

Natural light, not over processed as you can see from the before and after there is only a slight brighten of the whites that I don’t even think the screen shot above can make out the difference but I promise you it is there. So settings, I have Kate sit on the chair by the window and I took the photo in November at 14:22. Used my Nikon D5100 with the same lens 18-105mm but this time changed my settings. F4.5 1/50th of a second and ISO 200.

22mm on the lens and I think its safe to say there was more of a controlled posing set up going this time rather then what I was doing last time. If you remember from my first post about doing this challenge I said how I just asked Kate to keep rotating her head and move from side to side which is why she was laughing in the original photograph.

So what can we take away from the new image and is there really any major difference in the result? ISO is an easy one to pick on but to be honest you can get away with shooting at 6400 on cameras. Where the ISO will trip you up is if the client wanted to use the original image for printed marketing or large front page splash images for their website. The larger you go the more grain will come to the surface at 6400 ISO so watch out for that.

The biggest thing that stands out to me,

is that in the original image I had to over process it so much to work around the highlights issue and the wash out effect. The before image had already had some work done on it before and from that work, it still was not looking great. Its important that when someone looks at a photo you have taken, that it actually looks like them. In the original image Kate gained a tan, which I am sure she was grateful for but if that’s an image you use on Linked In, then you want people to recognise you when you meet.

By mixing my settings on the revisited image, made for a cleaner image and there was less time spent editing it. Shooting at ISO 200 (which was an over sight by me as I would normally be on 100) and with the soft retouch of the photograph, this image could be put on the side of a bus and still look great. Its always about adding value to your clients. If they have told you they need an image for a certain reason, then make sure you give them an image that fits that brief. Also don’t get caught out for supplying an image which the client told you they needed for Linked In but then they decide to put it on their next event banner for conference only to find that it looks crap because guess what, they will not come back to you again.

Now for the moment I have been waiting for. Let me show you how I would improve this image by using my trusted light set up.

So first of all I went with a beauty dish in the same set up with Kate looking out of the window.

Just look at that!

So with a beauty dish and grid set up, the light is very harsh, so I soften that out in the editing. I used my Nikon D750 with the 24-70mm lens for this because I had it all set up and waiting but I do wish I shot this with the D5100 as it would of still been a great shot. My settings were F2.8 1/320th of a second and ISO 100. Went for 58mm on the lens and my flash power was 1/4 power. I had a reflector to the right of camera which brought in a small amount of rim lighting.

In the editing, I brought some colour back to Kate’s face and smoothed out the harsh light, which I think would work great normally if you was looking at a strong make up/edgy look. Now for me being able to control and master light is what makes a difference from an ok shot to and amazing shot.

Let me know if you have any questions of want more information. This was a great shoot for me as I been looking to get Kate back in front of the camera for ages and I know there is another blog post which she will be helping me out with next week. I am looking forward to getting some creative make up shots with Kate as well in the coming months and that will be a great time to show you all how the beauty dish can really work for them images.

Thank you for reading or listening to this post. I hope you have found it useful in some way and please share your feedback in the comments or direct via email to nolimits@snapcreativephotos.com.

Until next time have a great time creating amazing photographs.


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