I am so in love with this company right now! Life saver when it comes to working in small places and needing to use my speedlight!

I am going to be sharing more about how I use my set of MagMod gear as their light modifiers are just wow! Now I know they have a heavy price tag compared to light modifiers that you can find on Amazon, however, just like Apple products, you are paying for build quality and finished product which does what you expect plus a little extra.

The last event I covered I used the MagSphere.

I will be using that again at tonight’s event but I was so impressed with it that I have brought a second one to team up with a two light set up. I will see how the night goes as I might put some gels on them if the moment comes round. Otherwise I will have some more posts in the week around gel use to fit in with the Photography Challenge of Self Portraits.

Have a great weekend and I will let you know how the event goes as the week goes on.


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