Hello and welcome to Snap Creative Photos, is my name is Gary Cooper and today we are looking at some News In Focus. Something that stood out for me in the news today was historical sites brought to life on Google for the first time. I don’t know if anyone else saw this in the news but after I found this on Sky News actually I found it on the BBC this morning and then when I was searching online, Sky News had the article that came up first with relation to it but basically Google have teamed up with English Heritage where they are bringing the Google Maps technology to the English Heritage sites.

So they’ve gone around with the street view technology the 360 degree views of all of the English Heritage sites from what I can see and I have to be honest, I found it really interesting to see the results of that partnership come together. I actually know of a photographer who does the inside of buildings in a street view setup, just like this, and he’s now qualified and able to do that all officially for Google, so if you are working in like an office building, he would come in and create a 360 degree virtual tour that people could view without even having to leave their house. Now that is how the BBC position this on the news this morning, they were saying that you can go and look at all these different English Heritage sites without even leaving you armchair. I do want to say I think, especially as a photographer, it’s a real shame if you don’t get out there and explore the world around you because even just going down to your local high street and removing the mindset of I am down the High Street because I’m going to the bank or I’m going to the shop or I’m going to do my weekly food shop, I actually want you look at what is around you and find out whats down this road and just go for a wonder & explore because honestly there is amazing things in everyone’s local area and there’s not a single High Street and I will gladly accept this challenge, there is not a single high street where you couldn’t go and get fantastic photos or see something that’s quite amazing and I don’t really believe that any High Street even my local one that I go to is amazing when I go Off The Beaten Track.

So yeah I was looking on the website, I have put a link at the bottom of this post of in the description if you are listening via the Podcast, and I have to say that it is brilliant. When click onto the link there is a whole page which shows Google’s arts and culture and what they’ve done with the English Heritage. I decided I’m going to go on a little tour of the York Cold War Bunker as I thought it would be good to see what’s it like inside of a nuclear bunker and you know what, it was really fascinating! As I clicked on the link, you get this kind of little story book when you go through on their website, so you read a little and look at the pictures and then click to the right of the page to move forward. For each place they put together like a storybook and it kind of takes you on what would have been the kind of scenario you would find taking place at the location. For me it was like stepping back in time to see what they might have gone through and what you’d expect to see on the walls and who would be responsible for that information in the York Cold War Bunker.

I went on and there was a little video at the end, they had about probably 6 pages of information with nice pictures around information on what would have happened in that moment and then there was the video that went with it, which kind of helped bring it all to life. So it’s really really good and then I wanted to go for a walk around on my own. To actually go and do the walk around all I done was type York Cold War Bunker in to Google Maps and then it comes up and we get your little man and you drag it over the York Cold War Bunker and the Cold War Bunker lights up blue, like the road when you use street view for Google and then you just go for a wonder around and I’m kinda looking at the main control room and zooming in and out to see all the detail and now I find myself explaining what I just saw in the video to how that would like to where I was standing.

If you like the York bunker Cold War Bunker or any of the places you might use this great partnership to view, I highly recommend that you go check it out and take your own photos so you can make your own memories. All in all it’s really fascinating with the facts and just being able to zoom in on some of the detail, it really puts you right there and definitely before you go onto Google Maps to look at some of these places I would strongly recommend you go check out the Google arts and Culture page which is focused on English Heritage the main Google arts and Culture page has loads of places where they’ve been before when in the US and other countries but the link I put in the blog post at SnapCreativePhotos.com will take you straight to the English Heritage site.

So there you have it. Google arts and culture has done a great job and I really encourage you to have a look at clicking on some of the stories and see what they’ve done with this partnership. So thank you very much nice quick update today if you have got any questions for me then please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. Definitely go and check out what the English Heritage and Google have been up to and have a great day.

Google & English Heritage Site


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