Landscape Photograph Autumn
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My name is Gary Cooper and I am a Head Shot & Portrait Photographer based in the UK. Although I love photographing people, I do love setting myself a challenge which involves other areas of photography. Today I want to tell you about my Autumn walk I went on in search of a lovely landscape in the woods with my 105mm Lens.

Right lets get started

So on 2nd November I went out for a walk with my 24-70mm and 105mm lens. I love the 105mm Lens and I have not used it for a while but made it my mission to take it out all through November to any shoot I did. I had my Nikon D750 with me and a Manfrotto mini LED light with Joby tripod.

Now I started to take photos with the 24-70mm lens

and this was the kind of images I was getting.

24-70mm lens shot

Now this was shot at 70mm, F5.6, 1/50th of a second and ISO 100. The image was bright but lacked that warm autumn feel I was looking for so I put it through Lightroom and changed the colour temperature and added some more orange which altogether gave this as the final image.

I felt it looked OK, but it was still missing something. I was shooting at the longest point of the lens to compress the image which can help bring the viewer into an image. After taking some time to look at the angles and where the light was coming in, I decided to change lens and see what the 105mm could do.

Off to a new location

Test on 105mm

Now this already just looks 100 times better than the last photograph. Shot on the 105mm at F3.2, 1/100th of a second and ISO 100. This image came out perfect in the sense of what I saw and how I saw the light catch the tree and leafs. Again all I really did in Lightroom was adjust the temperature and reduce the greens, increased the orange.

Looks like a magical forest

I do like the lack of focus in the image. For me I feel like it is not right for the layout of the trees in this photo but by having the sharpest part of the image in the place where I want the viewers eyes to focus, really helps add to the effect. You can see that the tree on the right has been made the main focus point due to the light that is hitting it being so strong compared to the rest of the image.

Now this one is an image to retake in the future

Tractor Photograph

I am looking at doing a creative photograph of a tractor of some kind in a field so this is the warm up to the point of just having a photo of a tractor! Shot this with the 105mm, F3.2, 1/800th of a second ISO 100. It was shot in portrait mode as I was going to do something with the sky but then I went landscape to make use of the leading line of the grass to the left and the foreground bush on the right.

The image I love

Landscape Photograph Autumn
Copyright of Square Freedom Photography
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Now I don’t think the screen shots do this photograph, or any of them, any justice. But I do love this photo for the leading lines of the trees, the leafs on the floor and overlap of the branches of the trees at the end.

I shot this with the 105mm lens at F3.2, 1/100th of a second and ISO 100. It was one stop under exposed with the image but the aim was to keep the detail when editing in Lightroom. So I boosted the colours in this photograph and the clarity too which gave it the nice autumn feel I was looking for.

Whats your view on the focus?

So shooting at F3.2, has left the photograph with only one real in focus area, the horizontal tree branch at the end. What do you think about this? For me it looks great at a first look and something to view on screen. Would I want to have it printed?? I don’t know really, I like detail in the images I print. But I totally understand why this photograph works so well at leading the viewer into the image. If you was look into the distance then everything close to you would blur out so you focus on the tress at the end. That’s what happens when you look at this image.

What could I do differently?

I could of focus stacked the image or shot it with F5.6 or even F11 but can a photograph have too much focus? Let me know what you think and who knows, before the end of autumn I might go back and try one of the other ways Ive come up with to shoot this image again.

Thank you for reading or listening to this blog. I would love to hear your feedback and if you have any questions then do let me know. My names Gary Cooper and this has been my story of when I took an Autumn Landscape with a 105mm Lens.


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