Day Thirty Three to Day Fifty One – Photography Update

The daily posting stopped, what happened next? Well I will tell you what happened and how this will go forward with the mission statement in mind!

Random jumble of words there I think but the most important thing is that I have not given up on the blog. The aim was to always document what I am doing and how that will help move things forward in a positive way. What I mean by that is stop doing crap which has no benefit to me or others. Will the action I take today give me the results I want in 5 years time? This is the real question.
I was finding that the daily blogging was helping me stay on top of the jobs I had to do while doing my 9-5 & my 7-10pm working. However I was also finding that the daily blogging was taking away time from taking photos or editing photos. So this was just the set up of how I was blogging. The aim has to be to document and share what I’m doing without stopping me from taking photos.

So for the last 18 Days I have been getting everything in line with the photography business and the social accounts and how the Blog will move forward. So the Photography Journey will continue but in the form of 3 times a week, spread across different focus areas and wrapped up with a weekly podcast. 

I am also bringing together a printed collection option to offer clients on top of the download and prints currently on offer. There is a move into family portraits as well which I am looking forward to plus more shoots planned in over the month of June. 

So what are these posts going to be about?? Well il get you a little insight to the ones I have already planned. To start with Photography Challenges had to be in there. These are great to help learn new ways to tackle your photography, move you out of your comfort zone and are not focused on having loads of gear! The other blog post will be Photo Revisited. This will look at a photo I have taken in the past or a photo from advertising and I will look to improve on the original or recreate the image. This will of course be covered by behind the scenes photos and a round up of what worked and what didn’t. 

I will then be putting together Photography Gear reviews or focus posts to help you find the best tools to help create the best images. All wrapped up with a podcast each week which will cover everything from the week past and the week ahead. 

So yeah that’s me wrapped up in a little blog post. All starts next week so stay tuned and enjoy capturing great images this weekend!

My Photography Journey Continues…

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