Take time to take stock – Day Thirty Three

I found myself today looking at the different options I have for the work I will go out and promote. So what I mean by this is that although I enjoy a lot of photography, I want to focus the website to areas which I really enjoy and that I will be able to add value through my photography.

So today I am putting the plan into action around opening up my portrait sessions to Family Portrait Sessions so now offering even more value for money plus I am very excited to be putting together a print package so my customers can display their fantastic photos in their home.

I have also been messing around with the podcast side of things although I am going to have to find an app for my phone to help bring these together. Yeah the phone will be where I start as, like I have always said, I just need to start. So I will be looking at this to bring a show which adds value and helps me get out and about more with the camera.

I have also been playing with the idea of a question and answer set up one day a week. Again its about adding value and I said about this to a friend of mine who has unbelievable knowledge around a subject which I think would make her stand out if she answered questions. So like with the rest of the theme for what I am now doing, its about looking at how my advice can be used for my photography business.

I guess that’s the thought of the day really, take time to look at where you are going and reflect on the last few weeks to see if what you are doing is helping you reach your goal. There should be little wins along the way, like gaining traction on social media or building knowledge about your area of expertise and finding ways to share that. Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, you need to set very small goals to help see that progress is being made and not to jump after a week or month of trying something. Thirty Three days in and I can see where I have made small jumps towards my main goal. These are super small I might add and actually I know from my own self awareness that the next thirty days will be tough as I push to be better then the last.

The benefit of having a focus on something I am really passionate about is that the struggle will not seem as bad. The last week of May will be a telling week as there are lots of things happening which I must bring my A game to otherwise I will risk delaying the moment of truth. So tomorrow in my 7pm-10pm I will be working hard to tick off the outstanding jobs I have, then I will be in the studio for Saturday getting a range of photos with lighting set ups.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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