Be happy – Day Thirty Two

I would say I’m happy, like I’m not in my dream place right at this moment in time but my 9-5 is not a total pain, I’ve gotten use to the daily issues. I feel sorry and sad for people who really get no joy out of the work they do. Let’s be honest, if we could we would not work right? But to not even enjoy the interaction with work colleagues or customers, that must be horrible. It can’t be about the money, it shouldn’t be about the money.

I truly believe that everyone should do what they love. This might be full time, part time or in the side hustle after the main day job. We all need that release and we should all be looking after our mental health. I have always been a very relaxed person, like don’t get me wrong, I have stressed myself out over the smallest of issues which at the time felt like the world was going to end but I have learnt that there is only so much you can do each day and as long as you have done your very best then that’s all anyone can ask for.

The hardest part of getting started on the road to total happiness or that dream job is the doing part, the first step from planning and the big ideas but just doing something of action. Once you start you then have to keep going and you know what the more passion you have for the idea, the easier it is and the less it feels like work. I started thirty two days ago and although the blog has been a funny one, looking at being more of a personal view rather then just 100% photography, I think it gives a real insight to the journey from full time employment with a big corporate company to the world of freelance photographer.

I like to think this blog will also stay here and grow each day. I will be putting a more focused photography talk blog together very soon and I think that once I take the full jump to making my photography business the 9-5 this daily blog may start to change to more photography chat but who knows.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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