Photoshop Mix – Day Thirty One

Whats this I hear you say… A photography blog which has a title directly linked to photography?? I have been editing photos this week with Photoshop Mix and I wanted to share with you how I have been getting on so far.

So first I edited the Ghost Rider photo which I shared a few days ago. Nice clean background and dark outfit colours made cutting out the Ghost Rider nice and easy with Photoshop Mix’s Smart Outline tool. Using the Apple Pencil is great on the iPad Pro, feels so much more seem less in editing while pinching and zooming in and out to get the maximum detail. I found that the options to bring in images from Lightroom, Adobe Stock, iPad photos & cloud base services was really easy. Adobe has taken the time to make this a seem less experience for its users and I loved playing around with it.

I then went on to edit my Ironman with the Red Arrows. I had the idea to bring war planes to fly over Ironman with the pose he had. I then found the Red Arrows image with the smoke effects started to get my creative juices flowing. So I was looking at scaling the cosplayer to fit in with the smoke of the planes going around and then ending up in the distance. I set to work using the overlay to have Ironman sit behind the smoke and then edited the top of the photo to have him in front of the smoke which helps give the picture some depth. Due to the complex background of the cosplayer, cutting out had to be done manually as the Smart Outline was picking up more of the background then cutting it out. Again this was nice and easy with the Apple Pencil and I would recommend anyone who spends time editing photos, to buy some form of tablet which can link up to your computer to edit photos. The reason I choose the iPad was because I wanted to see on the screen I was drawing on, where and what I was going to be editing. I know that Wacom do a load of tablets for different budgets and are worth a look.

Anyway back on point. So I was editing away and found this to be working well plus I did find it seemed nice and speedy to work my way around the edges of the image I was cutting out and blending into the new background. I posted the image online to share how I was getting on and at first I didn’t notice any issues. However on closer inspection of my photo I could see that there was a black outline around the Ironman. See my picture below. So I went back into Photoshop Mix.



I will be honest by this point I was not too happy, I am thinking that there is a problem with the settings or that the iPad can not deal with the edits I want to be doing. However on closer inspection, which was really easy thanks to being able to zoom in and out, I could see the issue. Bringing the two photos together so tightly had actually meant that I had left a small transparent edge around Ironman which turned to black on social media. So with the iPad and Pencil I went round nice and quick to finish off the photo. Finished photo below which I will also place on my Behance account which you can find @SnapCreativePhotos.

Thanks for reading and do let me know what you think of the images and if you use a drawing tablet which you rate highly, please do share in the comments below. Thank you for the follows and check me out on Twitter @PhotographyHub and Instagram @SnapCreativePhotos Plus if you like this kind of blog post then let me know. Message me on Facebook @SnapCreativePhotos.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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