Do it for yourself – Day Twenty Nine

After listening to Paul Sanders talk yesterday at the Wex London Lens Show, I found myself thinking this morning about parts of it and how there are some things I do now which I use to do for other people. What I mean by that is I use to go places or agree to stuff that really didn’t do anything for me or I would do something which I would love to do normally but it was made into a mind numbing task. What ever you do in life you should do it for yourself as a starting point.

I look at where I want to take the Photography business and feel that I need to make sure I do more of the things which might not get loads of money coming in but will make me happy and be true to myself. I was looking at the pricing of the site yesterday and started to think about cutting back or throwing more in for the price, in the end I found myself remembering why I had these prices. It was because I needed to make sure that it was a Win Win situation for both the client and myself. I know that my prices are still below market value, I know that traction has been slow so far this year and I know that I offer a service which is by far the best you will get from any photographer out there.

I know all of this because Ive checked out the market, I have listened to feedback and I have asked people to pay what they think is a good price for the service they have had from me, which every time is more than my listed price. I have also been thinking about the weekly podcast I want to do. How will this add value to you and to me? This daily blog may offer nothing to you but it helps me zone in on the important stuff and bring to action what I have been planning. I do hope this blog has been a helpful insight into my life as a photographer and yes I know that at this moment in time I am still working two jobs but that is only for a few more months, then the real fun can start.

Back on track, sorry, so yeah I want the weekly podcast to be useful and I want to add value which might be in the conversation or just the sharing of our images together. I did agree with Paul on the area he talked about where you should go out on your own to take photos. Sometimes an idea means that you need a production team set up, the assistant, the make up artist and the model. Sometimes it is great to just go for a walk and capture what you find. I use to take hundreds of photos, this could of been on a magazine shoot, Sunday football, photo walk or at events but the time it took to go through each image and then edit or choose which ones to edit, just meant I was a happy snapper.

A happy snapper is great when shooting sport some might say but even as I was getting to the end of shooting the Sunday football matches, I was starting to take more time to get only the shots that I really wanted. I know I love creative photography but I also know its one which will be the hardest to position with clients. So I will be getting my name out there over the next 30 days to make it my aim that people know about me and my photography business.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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