Wex London Lens Show – Day Twenty Eight

If you follow me on Twitter @PhotographyHub or Instagram @SnapCreativePhotos then you will know that today I was at the Wex London Lens Show. This was Wex’s second year doing the show and although I didn’t go to the one last year, I hear that it was like it was in a warehouse and that this year was much better.

So I was not sure what to expect but on my way to the show I got a phone call from the team at Wex who wanted to offer me a free seat on one of the talks today! Great start to the day and was now trying to remember the talks that were taking place. I picked the talk by Paul Sanders who was talking about the fact that it does not matter about the camera. I think this is all from learning as a photographer because once you really understand photography, you learn that you can take amazing photos no matter what camera you have.

It was really good to walk around the stands and talking to people at the show. Olympus was the only stand that had demonstrations throughout the day by the amazing Gavin Hoey. I watched his demo and loved how creative he was being with flash guns and styling of a model. Manfrotto had a lot of gear on show which was good to play and feel the goods. Nice 20% off at the stand which tempted me to spend some money, but I was good.

Lee Filters were there as well as Canon, Sony, Sigma & Nikon. There were other brands there but these were the main people I was looking at. It was great to also see that Wex had got deals for the show from the brands, this was in the form of money off, prize draws or bundle deals. The disappointing thing for myself was that all the brands were doing something in the form of an offer except Nikon. Now I know they are having a hard time with sales and closing factors down but this was a perfect time for them to have 100s of people ready to buy with even just a small discount or hold a prize draw of some kind. The queue for the sales area at Wex was so busy, at least 30 people queuing and 6-8 people being served. The appetite to buy was high and I think Nikon missed a trick.

Overall a very good show from Wex, so well done guys and I hope it keeps getting bigger and better each year. I enjoyed sharing the day on Twitter as well so if that works well il do it more for future photography shows. In other news, I must stop giving business advice to others as now I need to prove the idea can work and Il be covering the MCM Comic Con in London at the end of the month – looking forward to it!

My Photography Journey Continues…

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