Photography & Editing – Day Twenty Six

Thursday’s could become my most productive day of the week!

Today I have loads planned but I actually have set myself the challenge of completing all the jobs instead of letting any roll over. I have a photo shoot planned in plus two lots of photos to edit. Then wrapping up the final deal for the wall art on Square Freedom Photography. Then the grand final event is a networking event I am going to tonight, my first networking event as a commercial & portrait photographer.

Also this happened yesterday, No Challenge Update. So I wanted to talk about that today. The photography challenges have been stop and start this year and I will be honest with you, I just have not been fired up to deliver these. So I have spoken a lot about if you are passionate about your craft or interest, then you will be able to do it each day with not major issues. This is true, I am passionate about photography, so why can I not keep a one day a week photography challenge update going?

At first it was not setting the time aside to go and take the photos. I then had a little word with myself and said work harder. So I was in Bath over the Easter Weekend and was completing the photography challenge but the one photo that I really wanted, the one I was excited for and planned to get, was the night time shoot of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, I couldn’t get due to no parking back at the hotel that night. I still posted an update and it explained all of this. Was I happy with the other photos I put forward? Not really.

I then was looking at last weeks photography challenge of transportation, I was attacking the photography challenges in a way of being different and interesting, for me and for you guys. I had this great idea for a creative photo shoot of my car, speed lights and everything, what happened? British weather, it rained. I also created a need for a helper who I couldn’t guarantee would be there. I still sat in my car looking at doing close ups and sharing these with you. I looked at these photos last night and thought this is just not what I want people to see of my work, it was not the true, genuine reflecting of my ability.

So I didn’t post. I didn’t post because it felt like I was posting to just meet a deadline, it was a task to complete and missed the whole purpose of why I set up the photography challenges. I wanted to stretch myself and others, I wanted to make people stop and look a little closer at what the image was showing them. This is me being honest about how I felt, I am a creative photographer at heart, creating wow photos or photos that are more then a point and shoot is my aim. So with this in mind, last night I sat there and really looked at how I would bring the creative photography to the challenges and how it would be of benefit to you and I with these challenges.

The key areas I am looking at are how often to post, how to post and where, could it be a collaboration with photographers and would it like into another element of the blog which I am looking to bring out? I don’t want to double up on content and I want there to be awesome work to inspire you and fuel the fire in my belly to better myself each week.

Next Wednesday another version of the Photography Challenges will be coming out and I will keep changing it and fine tuning that area to make sure its working because if I am not feeling the motivation to complete them, then there is no hope for anyone else!

My Photography Journey Continues…

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