Starting strong – Day Twenty Five

So yesterday was a good day for me. I uploaded a my first cosplay of many more planned for May. I also signed up for the Thursday networking event. I have a full day of photography for Thursday which is great for me as I wanted to get more photography done this month. The final edits of the Photography Challenge will be coming together for that post later.

Yeah very busy and productive day. Later today I will be putting up the Photography Challenge results and hope to see some of your photos. There is also a product photography session booked in later so will be working on that.

My photo which went up yesterday on the Square Freedom Photography social media sites was this Ghost Rider Cosplayer.

This was a photo from last years comic con and I was working better with the light set ups and from practicing I had better results then the year before. I will be attending the comic con event at the end of May, so if anyone wants to come and say hi, I would love to meet some more amazing people.

Let me know what you think of the photo and leave you comments below. Also give me a follow on the social networks – Twitter @PhotographyHub and Instagram @SnapCreativePhotos Most importantly, have a great day and do what you love, because everyone should have happiness.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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