Let’s do this! – Day Twenty Four

So May is here! Now I am revved up and on a mission of success! So let’s actually start taking some great photos to share with the world shall we 🙂

Ok so a packed out week this week and I’m excited and nervous at the same time as I will be going to my first networking night as a photographer this week. Prepping for that as well as getting ready for the Wex Lens Show this weekend which I’m hoping will lead to a photo walk around the south bank for some awesome people shots.

How did everyone get on with the photography Challenge of transportation? I will share my finished photo on Wednesday. I think going forward the Photography Challenges will be for a Friday launch so you get the weekend to complete them and share the results in a blog post on Wednesday so everyone gets a chance to take part even if their weekend is a little busy.

There is a cosplay event the end of the month so will be sharing a lot of cosplay edits from shows I’ve been to as I will be at the May event in London to take photos this year and would love to meet more cosplayers as I think they are awesome people.

So that is the outline for the first week in May and it will be a busy month I can guarantee you that. I still need to pick my first high street to conquer and I have come up with a great way to bring businesses together on my travels but as always need to test the water with them first and see if it is such a great idea.

I am looking at how I can link to photos from the blog so you should see these coming together by the end of the week. Have a great day and make sure you take a photo today with what ever camera you have. Follow me on Twitter @PhotographyHub and Instagram @SnapCreativePhotos plus this lovely blog and share with friends and family.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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