Everyone has a WTF day – Day Twenty Three

So it’s now Bank Holiday Monday and I want to be honest with you, I didn’t see me getting through this weekend. I had been posting each day for the last twenty days but then on day twenty one, my mind was not in the game. Total mind block, loads going on in my 9-5 while I’m in the process of changing over to my photography business being my new 9-5, so what do you do when this happens? You have to remind yourself of why you started this journey and make sure you fall in love with your passion again.

This is why working on a business you are truly passionate about will always work when you love what you do. It’s not easier to ‘make it’ and it does not make you question your decisions any less then when working a job you don’t like. For me I have said a few times over the last twenty plus days that I need to get out and take more photos, I’m a photography, that’s common sense. How ever I am also setting up a business which needs foundations, this includes a website, contract templates, contacts with labs to print with and accounting documenting (which is always fun) But let me today, take five and look at all I have achieved in the last twenty two days of blogging and then put down the top three things that need to be a focus now we have entered a new month.

So today I am out getting photos for the photography challenge I set on Saturday around transportation. I have Product Photography booked in to complete and I’ve realised I’ve not shared the finished photos from the model cars I was doing so will put them together for a viewing.

It will be a more focused photography blog now going forward as I wanted to get a back ground to who I am and how I think, which may drop in still now and again. My Photography Journey will be personal and like an update rather then a full on, all about photography post. Reasons for this are that I am in the process of still working a 9-5 and doing photography as a side business for the next four months after that it’s full on photography. Also there will be other blog series launching around purely photography topics which I cant wait to launch but want to make sure it’s not stop start like the Photography Challenges were at the start of the year.

There you have it, you will have WTF Days no matter what you do for a living or in your personal life, just remind yourself of way you do what you do and if you are still not happy then find what will make you happy and start building the foundations to be able to move your life in that new direction when it feels right for you.

Have a great Bank Holiday Monday and spend it with family, friends and loved ones, giving yourself time to do what you love. Follow me, leave a comment and share with someone who you think would love to read this.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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