Photography Challenge – 2nd Weekend

Welcome back you lovely people! The photography challenges are back again and I am looking forward to this one. I want to see lots of examples of the end results as there is so many ways this challenge could go!

This weekend I want you to use the extra day we have with the Bank Holiday, to capture an image of the transport you use the most. Be as creative as you can, this might be with light set ups or camera angles or even go all out with the editing of the photo.

What is your main mode of transport each week? Take a cool, creative photo of this and upload it to your photo sharing site of choice. Please do add the links in the comments below with a small description of the photo prep work and thoughts you had/wanted to create. Make it as stand out as possible – think big!

If you are using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then please do tag me in the photo so I can have a look at the results.

Good luck and I look forward to sharing my results with you all after the Bank Holiday.

Have a great one.

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Twitter – @PhotographyHub

Instagram – @SnapCreativePhotos

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