Any camera is a goal – Day Twenty

So I was reading a post today on PetaPixel about how Aaron Browning, a Sydney based lifestyle and portrait photographer, tested out doing a portrait shoot with just his iPhone. He paints the picture as if you was a hobbyist and your gear stopped working what would you do? Titled – My Camera Died at the Beginning of a Shoot, So I Used My iPhone Instead. I will leave a link to the story at the bottom.

This got me thinking about the whole what camera do you have question. The best camera is the one you have with you, FACT! Look at the pictures in the news and the ones on Instagram that have been taken with point and shoot cameras, which have been viewed all over the world and liked by thousands of people. How much would you love to have one of your photos receive the same world stage attention that these photos get? Sometimes its not about photography rules and mega pixels, but about capturing an image that no one else captured.

Now I will be the first to admit that I use to be ashamed of the camera I used. It was a Nikon D5100 DX 16mp camera which I was using for sending in my photos to the local Sunday Football Grassroots Magazine. Now at that time I was happy with it, I had my 55-300mm lens and was taking the photos. It was only when I started to look at turning my hobby into a career that I started to use the fact that I had this ‘low’ mega pixel camera and it couldn’t shoot ‘full frame’ as a barrier in my mind that no one would take me serious if I showed up to take their portrait with this piece of crap. I have always been a gadget man and I think at that time I was just looking for a reason to spend money and upgrade my gear. This was just the start of my gear head crazy buying.

I got my Nikon D750 full frame camera with its 24mp and all signing and dancing features. I was happy, booked in photo shoots and used it for some magazine photo shoots I did that year. The image quality was amazing with my 24-70mm lens (Like I said, this was the start of my gear head buying) and I felt more comfortable with this camera. Did it make my photography improve? No. Did I get more bookings for photo shoots then before? No. Did my average image likes on Instagram increase because of this camera? No.

I was still at that time having the same issue as when I had my other camera, I was not getting out and practicing, learning and breaking down my actions behind the camera. I was going weeks with out touching the camera and then I decided that I had to make a change. So I started playing around in doors and on locations with the camera. I booked in friends and family for mini photo shoots over the summer to practice and try new ideas with light and camera settings. Every time I did this I was learning something new. I would find myself breaking down the end result in my head so I could set the photo up. It was trail and error and I was grateful for the support of my friends and family to give up their time.

I then took part in another magazine shoot and the feedback from them photos were the best I had ever had. I had the models posting them and making them their profile pictures and the organiser of the shoot saying it was amazing to see how my photography had come along since the first photo shoot we did together. I was on top of the world, my hard work had paid off but I knew I could not stop learning and definitely could not get complacent.

So now I have found myself taking more pictures, but I want to be out and about taking even more, and I know that has to be something I make happen. I was finding myself taking my Nikon D750 out and about every weekend, taking photos of landscapes or street photography or even random stuff to be honest. Then I though to myself that actually this camera should be saved for the paid or profile building photo shoots so I can wear out the shutter of another camera while practicing and go to risky cold and wet areas to capture photos. So now I have four cameras that I use, my Nikon D750, Nikon D5100, Nikon FN Film camera & my iPhone.

Yeah that’s right I am now using the trusted 35mm Film camera after picking it up off eBay for £100 with an extra lens. I love the film camera as it makes you really look at the settings and what you know to work in certain light set ups. Plus it can be linked up to my speed lights so I am loving the creative plans I’m looking to use that for. My iPhone will always be with me so that is the camera I will use if that’s all I have on me. I really want to find an app that lets me sync up my iPhone to speed lights as I think that’s an awesome idea.

I believe so much in the idea that any camera you have on you is the best camera, that I will be putting together something which tests this out and puts the film, digital and mobile cameras against each other in a battle to show that each camera can deliver great photos as long as you know the basic rules of photography and how to work with light. Which is another point that I will have to cover in another post, but to me that’s what a photographer who’s learned about the rules and lighting of subjects which makes them stand out against just a point and shoot mobile phone or £10K camera user, we manage light and create beautiful images while everyone else is just shooting what they see in that split second.

Back on point, the post from PetaPixel said that using the iPhone works well because of the RAW settings that you can now tap into with the 6s. It also states that you have to have the perfect lighting conditions to give your self half a chance of capturing the image as well as being creative by shading the lens from the ambient light to bring the camera exposure down. I do find that the Lightroom app lets you control a load of the RAW features and is worth a look if you want to play around with mobile phone photography. All in all, yes you can use your mobile to do a portrait shoot, yes you will find that sharing it on social media will be fine as the image is perfect for the small screen. The question is would you be brave enough to go to a shoot and just use your mobile? There is a massive part of me that now wants to, so watch this space.

As always thank you for your time and support. Please do like, follow and share this post and blog with friends and family if you think it would benefit them. If you have any thoughts on what I have said then please leave your comments below. You can also find me on Twitter @PhotographyHub and Instagram @SnapCreativePhotos Link to the PetaPixel post is here. Let me know what you think and have a fantastic day.

My Photography Journey Continues…

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