Circle of life – Day Nineteen

I’m really looking forward to going to see the Loin King at the theatre this year. As I woke up this morning I felt that I needed to be getting out with my camera more and taking photos. I also felt that I needed to ensure I could meet and introduce myself and my photography business to x amount of new people each week going into May. It’s about building a relationship and staying relevant so that when someone in my circle of business & friends has someone in their circle of friends looking for a photographer, they will throw my name into frame. It all makes sense, why wouldn’t you do this? So let the hard work begin.

I’ve already said practice makes perfect and that’s exactly what I need to do with my photography. I always aim to learn and grow more and more each time I pick up my camera. I’m looking at what the blog could bring to challenge me and anyone else who is looking to get out more with their camera. There will be a photo challenge this weekend so look out for it in Friday.

The other area is the networking which again will get easier the more I take part in this. I am currently putting together an elevator speech and looking at what I have to offer others with my introduction. I am looking to grow my circle of business friends which can grow and evolve. I’m looking for like minded people but also people I can have a really good debate with. I put out on Twitter yesterday about camera clubs that people would recommend as this feels like a great place to meet like minded people. I wonder if anyone out there has experience of going to a camera club and how that worked for you?

I’ve worked with some very challenging people in my past, whether that be someone who thinks rules and expectations don’t apply to them or very strong minded and out spoken people. I love a challenge, it helps me learn and stretches my mind to think fast and deal with objections and issues effectively. Also by having a circle of friends that can help guide you through with advice and experanice can help you look at other ways to make progress.

I just can not see how any business can function with out being out and about, networking and sharing expertise with others. I now need to look at ending this week in a strong position that has my head in a computer phase of the start up reduced and me getting out and about to capture photos and network with others will need to take priority.

Although I ramble on through these posts I think and I hope that they are becoming more useful as each day goes on. I am getting more active on my Twitter @PhotographyHub & my Instagram @SnapCreativePhotos so please do like, follow, share and comment here and on the blog.

My Photography Journey Continues… 

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