Show them you can – Day Eighteen 

Well good morning to you lovely people. I was updating the blog in my 7pm – 10pm work schedule but thought why not change it to a morning blog, so here I am.

There has been many times over the years where I have been told ‘it will never work’ or ‘you can not achieve that’ I think the best one which I had was ‘you will end up on benefits’ only heard that one once but that was from my careers advisor at school! I can not remember his name, although I have called him other names in the past. 

So what do you do? What did I do? Well that’s easy, I put two fingers up to them and showed them I could! The careers advisor must of been working on commission for the local college as that’s the reason I would end up on benefits if I didn’t go to college. So I’m not hung up about that, that’s his view and he underestimated my determination to graft. To be honest, that’s all it ever comes down to, how determend are you to achieve? 

Now you have to be realistic, no matter how determend you are to be a doctor, you can not achieve this with out the right qualifications. Same goes for if you want to be a footballer, you can not achieve this by having take away food each night and playing FIFA for 5 hours a day. You have to set your goals and be real with yourself, ask yourself  are these realistic and how will I know, what will I see happen? 

Time and time again I have shown that I can achieve anything I put my mind to through a willingness to learn and put in the hard work, day and night. So as I look to my photography business, and even today I am having doubts about making the jump, I focus my mind by looking at what I need to do to achieve the next stepping stone towards my goal. I have spoken about my excitement towards everything I have been doing over the last 18 days, even though today I have started to question if this blog will add value? What do I want it to achieve? It’s the little check ins that I have with myself to refocus on the next step.

I have spent the last 2 years over thinking the idea of having my own business and how I could ever make a full time living out of photography. I have set one of my goals to be that I will not over think when I get to a cross road and follow my gut as that must be the true, genuine and honest approach for the client and readers of this blog. I started 2 years ago to learn and practice my photography. I didn’t do it enough and that was the main area I knew I needed to put work into. As the foundations are laid and I keep to the tight schedule which ensures I am always moving forward, then progress and interactions will come about, leading to  showing myself and others that I can do this.

I know there are people close to me who think I’m crazy, think that I think it will be a walk in the park going full time freelance (I honestly don’t think this will be easy otherwise I would of done it years ago!) but I have dealt with this before and I will over come the limits that others have, to show them that I can once again do anything I put my mind to.

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My Photography Journey Continues…

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