Permission to play – Day Seventeen

I remember the first time I heard this phrase. It came from a manger of mine who was very head strong and it was his way or the highway. I was working on my ‘share of voice’ in meetings and with my peers at the time but I had heard from others that this manager was not one to talk lots at meetings unless there was something that really got under his skin. So I challenged him on this as I wanted to understand how he could go to meetings like that and still have people coming to him for advice?

That’s when he said ‘ I gain permission to play from my manager and peers’ The short story is that ‘permission to play’ basically means go out and get the results, no broken promises and no hot air. Be the expert in the room. So now I am looking at how that fits with my photography business.

I can not afford to sit back and wait for photo shoots to come along. I have to get out there and make it happen. So my permission to play has to change tactics, it needs to be focused around the interaction and the value I bring to that person. Then that relationship building will give me the permission to play by going in for the deal.

As I’ve said before though, this will never work unless it’s a genuine interaction and meaningful conversation. I love talking and meeting new people, so for me I’m spending the first few visits just wanting to turly understand how the local businesses support each other and what they really need. 70% of all business comes from people we know. Everyone needs to know who I am and what I have to offer as a person before the business offering.

This does not mean I am looking to gain 500 new friends on Facebook, like I said it has to be a genuine interaction which is that I want to help their business which in turn will help mine. Do a fantastic job for that client and they will recommend me to others. Let’s get it right first time round and if I don’t get it right, I must do everything I can to make it right.

You know these daily posts have been about my experanice, thought process, photography, business & general rambling but I do hope that it can benefit someone to read this as much as it benefits me to document the journey and like I have said before, hold myself to account.

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My Photography Journey Continues… 

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