My last five days – Day Sixteen

So five days ago I posted about the importance of me getting ready to network and meet with like minded photographers and businesses. I set the goal of getting my self ready with all the back office stuff by the end of April so that the whole month of May, with its two bank holidays, will be about telling people about my photography business.

So what have I been doing?? Well I have sorted out my email address set up and ways for people to contact me, which is always a good start. I have found studio locations in London which I am looking at this week. After reading about ensuring there is a personal brand as well as the business brand, I changed the blogs profile details to reflect more about me. I have already booked in dates for next month to attend networking events and I have sorted out my calendar to see which up coming events I could pitch for by editing photos I have taken in the past that fit that event.

Yeah, very busy in my 7pm – 10pm job. I have this energy and excitement about the future, this does not feel like hard work, all the late nights and 7 days a week working are hard work but not a chore, I’m not sitting here wishing it was Friday so I can have a rest or going to bed at night dreading getting up the next morning for work. I am getting frustrated with my 9-5 in the sense that I feel it getting in the way of my progress however I am being realistic, I am not ready for the jump if I was starting in May as a full time photographer.

Now that’s just me being honest. Maybe after this week if I have as good a week as I did last week, will I feel happier. I know I have said its never the perfect time to do anything but I have also said its always a good time to start today! So I have started, my intentions are clear and good, my 9-5 now know where my passion can be found and this will make things interesting over the coming weeks but I now feel a massive weight has been lifted so I can go out and post content with out the fear of it being seen by people I work with and trying to under play my hand. Its now or never and it cant be never.

Ive got a plan of action for this week and will be going full speed ahead to ensure that by the end of the Bank Holiday Weekend, I am ready for the networking and meet ups. Now I am off to post an update of the Photography Challenge from the Easter Bank Holiday.

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My Photography Journey Continues…

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