Find a structure that works for you – Day Fifteen

As I am looking at the week ahead, I am checking the weather and events that are already in the calendar, to make my plan of action. From a colour point of view I mainly sit in the blue side, so very detail and information driven. This means that for me I like my structure to be in the form of doing certain jobs on certain days, having a list for the week and even an hour by hour schedule on really busy days.

Now that works for me in the planning of business and admin jobs but when it comes to getting behind the camera and working with people I go across the the colour spectrum from super creative to come on now we need to wrap this up. I think you need to ensure you keep a structure when going freelance. I hear of the horror stories of people not being paid on time and then having bill payment issues because of this. I have seen people working 4 hours on a task which could be done in 2 hours if they just had a set way of doing that task. (I was that person so very much an experience thing right there)

Service is the be all and end all now a days and Il talk more about this subject later in the week as it would easily take a whole post to go over. But the key from this knowledge is how do you create a structure around the treatment of your customers? I love the face to face consultations, some can be only 15 minutes others can take 1 to 2 hours. Its about that connection and the active listening to fully understand your customers needs as it is different for each and every customer, that’s why we are given choice in how we interact with retailers.

So back on topic, structure in taking payments and having late payment fees as well as 30% payment up front, are ways to protect the income coming in. So you have most of the money from the client in the run up to the event which might be 6 months away from the booking. My work flow use to be so up and down that I would have to go back and re upload my photos with the correct details as I missed something the first time due to not having that structure. I now flow a structure of backing up files, having 3 different versions of the photos and meta data attached.

From a photography point of view there is also a work flow I use for setting up my photo shoot and then for when editing the photos. These are all the transferable skills I have learned from the different corporate jobs I have had and again this is why its great to have the corporate back ground, the next best thing would be lots of networking and talking to people not just about what you have to sell but what they do with an issue you may have.

I also like to have a fun planned week where possible, like planning to record a podcast on a Monday as everyone has Monday blues so why not bring some fun to the party. So for the next week I have an aim of booking into local networking events, getting ready a portfolio aimed at my next client to go to a meeting with, take some photos as Ive been in admin mode last week and look at bringing something extra to the blog here which will be a bit more fun then you having to just read about my days.

To Be Continued…

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