Everything happens for a reason – Day Thirteen

So lets start with a positive, the photo book which I was not happen about the quality of the printed images, has arrived. So thankful for the quick turn around from Photobox. I have to admit Ive never been a big fan of them but the person who ordered the first book loves them and seeing as the book was saved on their account, it was easier to edit out the photos I needed to change. I might put together a book of some of my images from the last 12 months in the future.

There are lots of sayings about the timing of life, I do believe everything happens for a reason and happens at a certain point or in a certain order. That can be hard to swallow when you hear and see some of the terrible things that happen in the world today and the way we treat each other, physically, verbally and emotional. I look back at all the different business ideas I have had and started on the side while working a 9-5 job. There was the gift shop, video games, sweet shop, cooking blog, music blog, internet radio and then a gift blog. I knew online was the way to go back when I had my first online gift shop and that has been where I have stayed over the many years of side hustle.

I was that guy who would blame others for why I was not able to go all in with any one of them start ups. The first three business ideas I wanted to make a full time job. I didn’t put myself out there and spent more time online then meeting people and sharing what I had to sell. I then changed tactics, took a year out from the side hustle and when I returned I started doing blogs. This was ok, the aim was to build an active community who was interested in what I was writing about. The trouble was I wanted over night success and I was not passionate about the topics enough to see me through the low times.

These start ups would last about a year or two before I called time on them and then had the next great idea. Sometimes I would get bored of the current idea and come up with the next one which then meant changing everything and being stuck longer behind the computer. Like I said, I would blame others, loved ones, work, friends, the weather or the time of year for how I was not making progress. The truth be told, I was just not working hard enough. I didn’t have a clear goal of who to target and how I was going to be relevant.

The benefit of all these start ups was the learning I took from each of these. The problem was that its only now I can see the lessons and see how each one of them has helped me with my business planning and actions I take. I use to feel like I was too young to have my own business and people would laugh at me for having that idea, this was something I think I got when I was going into management at the age of 18. The thing that changes my thought process today is that I have more knowledge of how things work and that some people are just not built to be managers or business leaders.

When re-looking at what I wanted to go all in with, I choose photography because I have loved it forever and the only thong that stopped me not getting into it from school was the head ache of how to make it pay the bills. Using all my knowledge I am now looking at taking that jump, hence the who My Photography Journey. I look at today, which is the day I told my manager that I was looking at my options to leave, and I just feel that I am better place. I wanted to leave this time last year! I would of had less money as a buffer, I would not be in a position of being paid to leave my job and I would of not been in the right head space to deal with the challenges of going freelance.

There is never a right time for anything, never a right time to have kids or get married or buy your first home. There is never a right time to start a business but you have to put yourself in the position, with knowledge, skill and networking to be able to be ready for what ever life throws at you – Be Brave, Not Unprepared.

To Be Continued…

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