Less is More – Day Twelve

Before I gave myself the kick up the bum I needed, to actually do something about my photography business, I would find myself over learning. What I mean by that is I would have a thought or a problem which I could see happening in the building of my business and I would search for the answer. Sounds perfect right, have a problem – find the solution, that is what you get taught from all these training courses and leaders of billion pound company’s.

However you need to know when to stop learning and put into action what you are learning. To be honest, the more I think about this, you can not say you have learned something until you do the practical part of learning? Watching videos and reading books are all apart of the theory. Learning to drive is broken down into two parts, theory and practical, you can not pass unless you have done both of these successfully.

I was watching videos about everything from studio flash to posing models and even the ten top tips if you want to make it as a photographer (come on now, we have all watched a top tips video!)  I think a week would be more than enough time to process video information, my thoughts behind this would be that you have the excitement or frustration of struggling to get that lighting or result you want. So you search in YouTube How To… and then watch the video, maybe you make some notes or draw or what ever you do to retain the information. But then, the next video auto plays….. Oh dear this is going to be a long night. The other classic is watching a video and then seeing something which you think, yeah Il be interested in doing that too, watch that video.

As you can tell I am very much talking from experience. For me it was only when I started doing more, putting into action what I had learned and then working out what I now needed to do to get it perfect, which if I’m honest, normally means practicing. So with this in mind, and by the way I have not perfected this yet, but I am now looking at using all the information I have learned so far and putting this into action. I then plan to be very strict with the learning of the theory and put more focus on the practical elements to complete the learning.

I also have found that from putting more focus on the day to day set up of the business and this blog, I have stopped loading up my YouTube app and made every hour of each day count towards output rather than input. It always makes me question just how much I could of already achieved if I was working like this twelve months ago??

To Be Continued…

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