My Next 5 Days – Day Eleven

I think I posted on Instagram today that I was shocked at just how fast April has gone! Now lets talk about this, every day has 24 hours and every week has 7 days, so what I am really saying is – What the hell have I done for the last 2 and a half weeks?!

The website has been the biggest time consumer for me but I have taken more photos, not as many as I would of liked, but more product photos. I have focused the mind to really look at what I want to achieve and how I want to make a difference. I do just feel like I should of been doing more. Working smarter and harder as I don’t want to be delaying the jump into full time photography.

So I have put in place a plan to make the rest of April really count so I can go into May with the main focus on networking and engaging in the photography community. Ive actually got a list of the next ten things I need to be doing with the tenth one being a massive networking event.

Its a bit of a ramble today to be honest but I feel like its important to reflect and learn. The next 10 things I plan to complete are a mix of simple and big jobs but with a focus of finishing these jobs before May I hope it will have the biggest impact on the photography business.

Also in other news, after chasing up my order which I need for this Saturday, they got back to me to confirm I will have the order by Friday! Really happy with this and it just goes to show that if you do the right thing, good things will happen.

To Be Continued…

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