Its more than pushing the shutter – Day Ten

I love photographing people, its not just about pushing the shutter and viewing the end result, its the connection I make with the person. A few days back I was sharing my experience of the first photo shoot I went on, where I was worrying about getting the shot for the first two hours and not really interacting with the model’s in the way I would normally have a conversation. After taking stock of this I made sure that the third hour of shooting was focused more on the model and less on how many shots I took.

Its all about the conversation and the connection I make with people, that is what makes a great portrait session. That is why I love having the pre-shoot consultation as it helps build rapport with the person. People say whats the point and time is money, but for me, I want to really listen and engage with that person and I hope that my approach helps the person relax and bring out their true positive energy.

The other thing I have found is that now when I go to take a photo with any camera, an iPhone, film camera or digital camera, I find myself working to the rules of photography. Leading lines, rule of thirds and limiting distractions in the background. So it really does go to show that the best camera is the one you have with you. Its a feeling of belonging, I worry I will forget how to take photos and I don’t mean the point and shoot ones, I mean photos with real skill and use of light modifiers and composition.

I find my brain looking at images and reverse engineering them to work out how the photographer got that image. I even run through F Stops and shutter speed options in my head, something that when I first started to watch videos and see photographers doing I was like – ‘wow how do they know this stuff?’ I don’t always get it right, but then I do find I learn something else in the process and learning is key. The day you think you cant learn anymore is the day you lose. You will never be able to ace every part of photography from Landscapes to Events and all that’s in between. When you ‘ace’ portraits look at how you take that portrait experience to the next level.

Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Find what you are passionate about and include it in your life. Yes you will have to take part in areas of photography that you are not so keen on when trying to make it your full time job, but make time for the personal projects even if you are a hobbyist. The most important thing is to have the passion to deliver at your best and have a genuine interaction with the network of like minded people who share your passion.

To Be Continued…


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