If it goes wrong, Fix It – Day Nine

Bank Holiday Monday is here and before leaving Bath I had one last walk about. First thing first and it was a stop for breakfast. This had to of been the healthiest bacon roll I have ever had! No fat, no oil and no butter 🙂 cant complain as I am meant to be looking after myself more in the run up to summer.

Walking around I took the time to get a few photos of the street entertainment. There was definitely more on offer over the last two days, but I had to make the most of the time I had left in Bath. I will be posting up the photos to the Bank Holiday Photography Challenge later in the week.

The drive home was the next focus and as Im driving out the first 30 minutes took me through the high ground around Bath which had some beautiful views and I would of loved to of pulled over and get the camera out but I had to stay focused on getting home and I am trying to focus my photography on the key areas I want to grow. As beautiful Landscape Photography is, I think it was best to leave it today.

On returning home I was keen to get a first look at a photo book which was put together as a present from the photos I took at the event last month. I take care to protect my images and ensure the quality is something which represents my work correctly. So when looking through the book I could see something had gone wrong. I couldn’t understand it. The person who had put the book together was more then happy with the outcome of the photos and loved it. I could see that this was not right, I went through the website links that I sent out and I finally found out what had happened. The security feature on the photo means that when you right click the image, the quality drops to the lowest form.

This would normally be OK but the agreement with the client was full access to all images ready for print. When looking through the gallery set up I could see that I had not added the download photo button, which meant that they could only right click to download. This was my error and I needed to fix it. So I fixed the gallery and explained the issue to the person who created the photo book. They was still happy with the photo book but for me I could not let that book go out as a link back to my work in that condition.

I decided that I needed to fix the issue, firstly to ensure the client got the high quality end result I promised and secondly to protect my works reputation and Im not a shamed to say that. So I found out where the book was made and I said to the person that I would recreate the whole book and pay for it. They need the book for this Saturday and I explained I would pay for the fastest delivery option going to have the book in their hands in time for this Saturday. As always things are never that simple. I created the book to the layout as before but had my photos replaced to ensure the correct quality. When it came to the delivery options I went for the 3 day turn around, which was the fastest they could do, however the 3 day turn around for some reason puts the book at being delivered on 25th April??

Now I know its Easter Bank Holiday and all that but this seems a little bit over the time scale. So I will be phoning them up tomorrow to try to get a fast track of the order – Wish me luck!

To Be Continued

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