Long weekend photography challenge – Day Seven

The long weekend is here and I have found that my last two days have been a lot of reflecting. Reflecting is always good, just to take stock and look at better ways to move forward sometimes. However, I want to get back out with my Nikon Camera and shoot something. I thought with it being a long weekend, with Easter and all that, I would check out some sites and look up what photography challenges are running. I find this great for trying something new and stretching myself to use all the knowledge I have already and applying it to a set challenge.

So I went looking for a challenge and I have found three I will be trying to complete. The first one is the classic Black & White Photography Challenge. Simply put its just take an awesome Black & White photograph. The second challenge is Night Time Landscapes. It has to be night time and it has to be a landscape, sounds like some late nights over this weekend. The last challenge I will look to complete is A Frame within A Frame. Using the rule of photography when framing your subject but now also looking for the subject to be framed by a tree or bridge or even as simple as a window.

I am off to Bath, near Bristol, here in the UK for the long weekend but I am bringing you all my daily updates and thoughts throughout the weekend. I will update this post later today to let you know how I am getting on with the challenges.

To Be Continued…

20:30 update from Bath: So made it to Bath by 12:30 after a stop on the way. Nice sunny weather but chilly out there. I forgot how close everything is in Bath, so after a walk around, found that it’s a lovely stroll to each of the locations.

Challenge wise, not much progress! I have planned a day out to Bristol tomorrow to look for a night time location and I’m looking at the street performers for a nice black and white photo. For now here are two photos from the iPhone.

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