Going on an explore – Day Eight

I have been getting up at around 5:30-6:00 each day for the last week, part of this has been due to my corporate job but on my days off I still get up early to make the most of each day. This morning I struggled and found myself getting up at 7:30. Now some will say that’s crazy why worry, it’s still before 8:00 or 9:00 – but for me I hate the feeling of losing time that I could be doing something to further my photography. I guess that’s why I get frustrated at work when I have to be out the front for 4 hours straight, I can’t do my work out the front and then I find myself looking out the window inbetween customers thinking what would I be doing if I was not here today?

So up this morning and looking at how I will make some progress on this weekends challenges. My night time landscape I’m thinking of doing something with the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The black and white photograph, I’m looking at making the most of the street performers as there seems a lot of choice here. The Frame within A Frame is actually more difficult then I first thought it would be.

Off to a spa relaxing morning as you have to look after your body, mind and spirit. Plus I had the early signs of needing to take stock this morning when struggling to wake up. This has all been about my self awareness about me, it’s important to have this so you can self manage. 15 years of corporate working and being guided has been hard to break but I know I need to do it so I can make them key desisions with my photography business.

Spa was amazing, at first I thought 2 hours would feel like a rush job but actually it was a perfect amount of time. Highly recommend it, covered the three areas with the roof top hot pool being my favourite 🙂

Went for breakfast, at 12:30, had cream teas it was amazing. Freshly made scones with jam plus a lovely cup of tea. Bath was a lot quieter today with most of the shops being closed. I decided I wanted to scout out the location for tonight’s Night Time Landscape Challenge. So drove off to the Clifton Supension Bridge. Arrived and climbed the massive hill to the top, the view was amazing, even though it was cloudy and very windy.

I took a few shots and framed up the two main areas I wanted to take my photos from later. It was only 30 minutes away from the hotel so was happy with the driving route. Bristol, the part I saw, was not what I was expecting and didn’t inspire me to stay and go on a photo walk around there, so came back to the hotel. Parking became an issue as the hotel car park is not owned by the hotel and anyone can park there. This meant that I was waiting for a parking space for 20 minutes and then got told I could park in an area that was not allowed to be used normally. On inspecting the area I was like not a chance as it was asking for my car to be hit at some point. So having a small car I found a nice little off road area which I could fit on and told them I was leaving it there and would move it later when a space came up.

So it’s 21:00 and looking to leave to get my photo of the Clifton Supension Brigde, but the car park is an issue. It’s now got even more cars parked in random places and I feel like if I move from my spot that I will not be able to come back later and have a space to park which will cause me a massive issue as there is nowhere near by to park. So I made the decision to not go. It’s does mean I now need to come up with a replacement for my night time Landscape and I only have tomorrow night left!

I started to look at what I need to do this week with my photography business and it’s all about the networking for the rest of this month. I also will be putting together a list of key words that I want to put my website on the first page of Google when people search for them.

To Be Continued…

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