Easter Weekend Photography Challenges

Welcome back to the Photography Challenges here at Snap Creative Photos. I have been away, which I apologies for, I have been posting for the last 6 days My Photography Journey which I hope you get a chance to read.

So today I wanted to bring back the Photography Challenges for the Easter Long Weekend. I hope that everyone who has a passion for photography will get at least one day if not a few hours to themselves to get the camera out and capture some great photos.

So challenge number one: Black & White Photography

Nice and easy, the photo has to be in black and white which will really make the viewer focus on the detail of the image. I know a few photographers who have preferred shooting in black and white as they have told me that colour is just another distraction from the subject.

Challenge number two: Night Time Landscape

I have loved captuering night trails in the past and Im not saying that this night tme photo has to have light trails but I will be looking to find a landscape which could let me try to capture some. I find that some builds have very fancy lighting at night from my visits to Birmingham and London.

Challenge number three: Frame within A Frame

So if you really are struggling to get some time with your camera this weekend, then this could be the easiest challenge for you to take part in. Still life, people and the great outdoors on them family walks is sure to throw an opportunity to capture an image which is framed by something in the set up.

The most important thing to do over the Easter Holidays is to have fun, enjoy being with loved ones and dont stay in doors all weekend. The world has so much beauty in it that even an area you have lived in all your life will still bring you a supprise or two if you really look close.

Have a great Easter, check back over next week for an update of how I got on.

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