In search of my photography style – Day Six

So I started to tell you all about that change curve I was on when going to my first photo shoot with a model to be published. I had just beaten myself up over the last two hours of shooting with the two models and wanted to get stuck back in and impress on the the hours worth of work.

I was adamant that I wanted to work 1 on 1 with the next model, rather then being paired up with another photographer. I got my wish and I wanted to show my creative side. To set the scene, the weather was over cast, there was a chance of rain, I knew that there was a great river at the park we was in and I wanted to get the model in the water. I thought about a change in my approach, instead of rushing to get to the location and snapping away for longer, I chose to take a stroll with the model down to the location, asking loads of questions about her and her interests with modelling and outside of modelling.

I was feeling relaxed, this was turning in to a fantastic conversation, getting her view on the shoot and sharing mine. By the time we got to the location I already knew she would be adventitious enough to jump in the water. I said to her ‘I’m going to sound a bit nuts but how you feeling about jumping in the water?’ I trust you she said. I now had this massive responsibility, the trust of another person. I felt no pressure, I just knew I had to maintain that trust, maintain that genuine interest in her and communication.

Five different set ups later with only about 20 minutes shooting time, together we had used different set ups, had my lighting gear positioned in the water and found my flow. If I was to of down anything different, it would of been to jump in the water with her and get even more creative with the shots.

I was buzzing now, great shoot and amazing conversation. Naturally I wanted to repeat this for the rest of the day. None of the conversations were as good as that first experience but I was trying and this now allowed me to really focus on my style of photography, I wanted moody and I wanted edgy. I was looking at my shoots, thinking it’s ok Il shove that one through Photoshop later and bring out more of the mood I’m looking for.

To me Photoshop was were the creativeness happens. I can say now that I use Photoshop a lot less then when I started plus it saves a load of time editing. Getting it right or as close to right straight out of the camera is what I prefer nowadays.

So in my bid to produce something totally different and something which would stand out, I made all my photos dark and edgy. The speed light would highlight my model and the rest was getting pumped full of contrast and shadows. I was really happy with the end result and when I sent them off to the editor I asked for the feedback to help take my photography forward.

The editor came back to me and recommended that for a magazine print it would normally be bright images and it was up to me if I wanted to change them or not. As I always have, I took on the feedback and looked at my photos. I thought let me edit these in a different way but save them as a before and after. So after all the editing and having both moody & colourful photos I did find myself liking the colourful ones more.

I still don’t think I have fully found my photography style yet. I do feel it’s getting closer, plus it’s not just about the after processing it’s also about the set up of the whole photo. Now that sounds crazy right, like everyone knows it’s about the whole image, before planning, during the shoot, workflow after the shoot and editing to the end display of the image. As with everything and what makes you a pro at anything is to keep practicing and testing new ways until you find the best way for you to work and make your mark.

To Be Continued…

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