Never Regret But Do Learn – Day Four

So after staying up playing Civilization till 1am, I am feeling it today! Strange though as I woke up before my alarm went off, was up and moving and to be honest I think it was more a crap feeling of thinking what I could of done last night instead of having my head in a computer game.

So they say never regret anything, which is true I believe. If I did not play that game last night I would of been more restless and less creative. Its got to be a case of working smart and looking after your own health when working two jobs. Yeah this could be what you hear from someone who always uses that excuse and hopefully from writing this blog everyday, it will show that I am using my time carefully but also be a task of self policing to ensuring I am be productive and working smart.

With that in mind I think it makes perfect sense to say never regret anything but do always learn from everything you do and experience. Everything is happening for a reason and its all one big learning curve. So my 9-5 job was busy with the up coming Bank Holiday and there is lots to do. Im going to work on getting my networking up to speed so will plan this.

Home now and looking at how I will spend my 7-10pm tonight. I have put the word out with friends and family about any networking events they go to so I can see if I can get an invite. 2 nights in the pipe line so thats not too bad. Heading to twitter to see what the local community in Bromley and South London has on offer. Like the look of Networking Cuppa and Bromley Networking so will put my feelers out and then get in front of people before the month is out.

I must stop eating so much chocolate, too many Easter Eggs around me!

To Be Continued…

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