Brain Numbing – Day Three

What a brain numbing Day! I have been reading a book, well listening to, about the importance of active listening. Really stopping and listening to someone with out any thoughts of what your response is. You have to listen, confirm back your understanding of what you have heard and then ask a question.

So with my important meeting this morning I looked to exercise this. I found it truly amazing to see the reaction of the other person. The conversation covered more areas then I think any conversation I would have had in the past. Once I had finished the meeting, I felt numb from al the information I had taken on board. Normally from just trying to think of my next question, I find myself miss quoting what someone has said when positioning my question, however today I was able to not re-look at the notes and be confident with the approach of my next question. The colleague seem to feel more relaxed to open up to sharing the information and at times openly admit they was not right in certain areas.

While half way through the meeting, which went on an hour longer then first thought, my boss came in for a visit. I was calm and happy that he would be ok. After an hour and 20 min he left as I was still in my morning meeting. I knew this would not be a good thing but I was confident in my team to ensure he would of seen an excellent service.

So phoning up my manager after my meeting, he was not best pleased that we couldn’t sit down together today. I always find myself holding my breath just before talking to my manager in anticipation of what him will say or question me on. Its not that I dont know the answer or have something to hide, its mainly down to not wanting to let them down. So no face to face meeting as I was expecting and the meeting has been moved to next Friday to clear the bank holiday and the mad rush back at the start of the week on my return.

So when I got home I found myself thinking I need to unwind after my brain numbing day. So I said to myself Il play a game on the PC for an hour and then do some editing before bed. Well I loaded up Civilization – I know, everyone who is reading this and knows what Civilzations the game is, will know its not an hour to play its more like 2 hours minimum. So 4 hours later and I was trying to pull myself away from the computer, and then I start to reflect on how I have wasted the night doing something unproductive. Not a great place to be and I feel it will be something that carries on for a few days with me catching up on things I want to get done.

To Be Continued

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