Face to Face – Day Two

So as I woke up this morning and was getting ready for work (The Corporate Life) I was feeling energised! I knew that I was going to have to take the bull by the horns and say ‘I think it’s time for a change’

As I have found out over the years, plans are good but nothing ever goes to plan. My heart sunk when I saw my manager calling me today, I even thought about putting the call off but no – I found that courage and went for it. So when I was on the phone with my boss, I was waiting, waiting for him to jump to conclusions and say so I see you here in the next 3 months. But he didn’t… He simply said ‘take time to get your head around these changes’ I still waited, thinking he would slip a little phrase in for me to use as a spring board into what I’ve been thinking of doing, but nothing of the kind, just genuine concern and care for ensuring I did not sell myself short.

Take time to reflect, that’s always a good thing to do but like all good things these can become your worst ideas when overthinking kicks in. So he is coming down to visit me tomorrow and go over the options. I think that’s the best thing to do, face to face. I feel our relationship is stronger when we have that face to face time and I can read him better. I just want to get so much across and fear it’s going to be rushed and blurted out in some round about fashion. It’s important to me that I can display the passion I have for photography so others really understand the commitment I am making and will continue to make.

So now I find myself thinking what photography work could I do tonight in my 7-10pm hustle. I need to boost my product photography and get some networking dates in the diary. It’s been so busy today at the corporate job that I’ve not had the time to fully prep for an important meeting so I might have to take that home tonight. Well that’s lunch over with, better get back to the queue of customers.

So after a very busy first day back, I find myself at my desk, at home, putting together notes for a meeting tomorrow. I am doing this because its important to me to be prepared and the peace I get at home is better for this kind of prep work then being in the branch. This does mean though that I have not used my 7-10pm time to move my photography forward. However I did get some good feedback on Instagram today which highlighted that my post performed 90% better then my average posts, which was nice to hear.

Ive also been going over in my head the conversation I would like to have with my manager tomorrow regarding my next move and you know it just feels right. Yeah I am having these are you mad thoughts but they are so quite now compared to this time last year and I know I will have at least 3 months to get traction which makes me feel a lot better about taking the jump.

To Be Continued…

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