Today is a Special Day – Day One

So today, Sunday 9th April 2017, I am preparing myself to take the leap and go all in with my photography!

I find myself at a cross road where I feel ready to leave the comfort of monthly guaranteed income, paid holidays & direction, but having that nagging voice saying what if? So what makes today so special? Well tomorrow I’m going to be asked what do I want to do, what’s my next move in my future career, and I’m going to lay my cards on the table – ‘I don’t see my future involving this company’.

Am I crazy, am I brave or am I just believing in myself long enough to make the jump? I feel that the last 3 months have seen a massive shift change from me using every hour of every day to develop myself in photography but also mind, body and spirit. Ive re-branded the business starting from the ground up. Ive focused my approach on social media by having an interaction. Ive actually started to talk to people about my photography work – crazy idea but trust me it works.

So lets be clear, I am not ready to make this jump into full time photographer tomorrow. I have laid the foundations and already had the plan of working even harder for the next 3 months to start building a flow of clients. The reason I have to speak up tomorrow is because of changes in the business which could result in a pay off shall we say. The problem is I could end up with no pay off and then my manager knows where my heart and passion is.

I know deep down this is the right thing to do. My passion and excitement for photography is unreal, just looking today at some film camera photos I took a few weeks ago is getting me buzzing for trying to get better at that. Yes I need to find away for this passion and excitement to support my lifestyle and future plans but I also need a good kick up the butt to leave my safety blanket.

So this is My Photography Journey and I want to share each day with who ever reads this. I hope that it will help others in making the changes they want to make but might be too cautious or scared of the unknown (both of these are me) I am hoping that this will be something for me to reflect back on and when everything works out I will be able to say ‘You can do anything you put your mind to’

To Be Continued…

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