Get Out & Photograph Whenever You Can

So it’s day 16 of this brand new year – 2017, and I have set myself the challenge of doing things differently this year. 

Being more proactive is top of my list. That’s because this one goal will change everything I do this year. I found myself already looking at the calendar and thinking of all the things I’ve already done this year – WOW I’ve been busy! This has ranged from taking more photographs, setting up the blog, having two big meetings about printing and product production as well as booking the next 3 months with events to cover and photography trips.

Get out and take more photos is the next area I wanted to make a difference in. I think I went the whole of November and December not even getting my camera out of its bag! Shocking!! I found myself a little lost and lacking in fire to take photos. Totally changed that this year, completed two photography challenges already and have not let the freezing cold or pouring rain stop me getting photos.

Find the passion to do what I do and enjoy the moment. I spent too much of last year chasing the money, which does have to be done when you have bills to pay and new camera gear to buy, but when it meant that I had my head in a computer screen rather than getting out or staying in playing with my camera, I was losing sight of why I love photography. In my line of work people are buying from me, they need to connect with me and they need to get excited about what we are going to create together. This can only be done if I’m excited and beaming with passion for what I am able to do. So that’s why I am putting my energy into being passionate about my work and sharing my journey with you all, here on my blog. 

So there you have it, 3 areas in which I am putting a real step change into how I go about doing things. So far I feel great, yeah I’ve had some days where I’m feeling shattered as it’s been a long, busy week but that’s pushed aside when I’m out taking photos, talking over how I see the photo coming out or what I need to do to get the end result. Plus by being more proactive I am taking chances and saying yes to more projects and ideas to really push myself out of that cosy comfort zone.

Let me know what your plans are for this year and how you will do something different to make a big change in the future. Check out to see more of what I do and the ways to interact with me. Keep checking out this blog and join me in my photography challenge’s each week. 

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