Photography Challenge Week 2

So last week we had Landmarks, this week it’s Textures.

It can be a Photograph of any texture close up. I will be looking at how we can start to link some of these challenges together with some creative design ideas. 

So really look at the detail in everything you see each day. So much of the world is missed as we all rush to work or the next meeting. Take a fresh look at everything around you right now. The wallpaper, the floor, your doors and even the finger prints on your smart phone or laptop. Take that extra 10 seconds to capture the little details that most people pass by each day.

Macro lens are great for close ups and there is no restriction on gear for this challenge. So if you want to use a macro or not the choice is yours. 

Have fun and check back through the week for updates. Remember to grab your camera and take more photos this year.

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