Photography Challenge Week 1 Completed

So last Monday I set the first photography challenge which was Landmarks. After spending a few days putting together ideas for the shoot in terms of what landmark, what creative elements I want to include, what time of day and what gear I would be looking to use.

The landmark I chose was The Crystal Palace Tower due to the fact that over the last few weeks, as Ive drove around the area, the sunrise and low level clouds have made this landmark really stand out.

I was thinking about having light trails in the photo running up and down or left to right. I went up to Crystal Palace one evening to scope out the location and found that some of the places I was looking at basing myself for the photo was just not working. I then was looking at how I could add movement to the photo still and that is where cloud movement came in to mind.

As I was looking at capturing light trails at first, the logical time of day was in the evening after sun set. Once I realised that the light trails were not going to work for the photograph, I moved my time of shoot to the morning. When I have been driving by the Crystal Palace Tower in the weeks before, I liked the morning glow in the sky and the soft light being placed on the side of the tower.

Gear wise, I was using my go to set up of a Nikon D750 with the 20-70mm Lens. I use the Manfrotto 190 Go tripod and have cleaning clothes. The extras I had on me on the day of the shoot was ND Filters. Trying out a Ranger set up from amazon which was nice and affordable as well as having an ND 1000 polarising filter on hand.

First photo that I took.


As you can see on this morning there was no clouds to bring movement to the image. You can just about see the glow in the bottom of the image which was coming from the sun rise that morning.

My next image was from me walking around looking at what else the area had to offer.


So a few years ago I would of let my frustration get the better of me and when the photo was not coming through to how I imagined it, I would of just gone home. Now I encourage you all to just look for a different view, a different angle or come up with a new plan. That is what I was doing, it was -1c on this morning and I was not leaving until I got a few more shots.

Now the photo which I am putting forward as my Landmark entry is this photo.


Again this photo came about from just walking around. It is one of them weird moments for me as I have found myself talking through settings and spotting the basics of rule of thirds and framing. So with me talking to myself as Im walking around Crystal Palace, I see this natural framing of the Crystal Palace Tower with the trees.

Comment below and share your photos from the Photography Challenge.

Get out and take more photos this year.

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