Get Your Camera Out This Weekend

So you have had all week to think about the type of photograph you are looking to take or the places you are looking at going with your camera. Now you need to make sure it happens!

Here I have set the first Photography Challenge being Landmarks, so how creative, low or high, early or late in the day are you going to go to get an awesome photo? 

I have been visiting my subject through the week, twice with the camera and twice without the camera. Guess what… every time I didn’t have the camera I was seeing a great photo oppertunity. So the answer to this must be always have your camera on you?? In my case – no, and il tell you why. Even if I had my camera on me, I was on route to a meeting which meant I couldn’t stop and take the time needed to get the photo I could see.

You know what though, that’s ok. The reason I say that now is because on Thursday when I went to the location with my camera, the photo I wanted, the one I saw in my mind, wasn’t happening. So instead of packing up and going home I went for a walk around the area to see other angles and looked past the original image I had in my head. From doing this I ended up walking away with two pretty ok images. Nothing like the creative masterpieces I imagined but still worth being printed. Plus I could spend an hour or two editing in Photoshop the sky effect I was looking for or the light trails I wanted, however it’s about allowing your creativity to not relies on Photoshop but to work parallel to your camera skills on location.

So have a look at the Photography Challenge I set on Monday and grab your camera so you can take more photos this year and improve your skills. If you are looking to share your images then let me know in the comments section and il have something put together for this. If you would like any training or tips for any type of photography then I will find someone in that field of work, if I don’t do that type of photography, and we will put together some videos or something to help you out. 

Check out our Instagram account to see some of what we do. 

Enjoy your weekend and check back on Monday for a new challenge and an update on how I got on with this weeks Photography Challenge.

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