Never Over Commit 

You have to always learn from the past. It’s easy to take a black & white view on the past – you either had success or you failed. But the truth is you only really fail if you don’t learn anything from that experaince.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was 8 or 9. I was always playing with cameras and wanting to have a fancy camera that had zoom and all the latest features. Like most of us, I let ‘the real world’ take over and put aside my camera. For me it was a case of not seeing how I could make a living out of taking photos and being a bit of a gear head.

I spent many years putting my fingers in lots of pies, building websites, selling on eBay, setting up different web site ideas, even an internet radio station one year. For one reason or another these yearly adventures never replaced the 9-5 I had. Was I not working hard enough? Was I letting myself be distracted? Was I not fully brought into the dream I was creating? What more could I do?

There is a saying that goes like this ‘trust the timing of your life, you are exactly where you are suppose to be at this very moment’ but as always there is the saying of ‘the longer you wait the longer it takes, start today’

I believe that everything I have done in the last 10 years has been to build me up to the coming 12 months. It’s about taking the learning from the last 10 years and making a difference today. The first learning is to not to over commit.

I could tell you about how great this blog will be and all the great things I have planned for it, but lesson number two is to just put it into action. You can spend a life time planning but if you never move to action then what’s the point?

As I post this, the blog page is not set up with logos and links, it’s just a page with just this post but its focused on delivering the passion I have for photography and design to you as we truly go on a rollacoster ride of what it is really like to ride the freelancer train, rather than just focus on all the great stuff.

For now, spend time with your loved ones at Christmas and have a Merry Christmas and I will see you in the new year.

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