Challenge Yourself

It’s important to always challenge yourself to do better. You can’t truly believe that doing the same as what you did last year will keep you a head of the competition??

We will only grow when we step outside our comfort zone. So really look this week at the last 12 months and challenge yourself to think and act differently, not to be someone you are not, but to be the person you want to be.

With the work on the new studio set up taking place in January, it’s still important that I start the new year by doing things I didn’t do last year. Looking after my health as that’s the most important thing as a freelancer, by going out for walks and exercising. Doing more creative photo shoots then I did last year and networking with more people to spread the word of the services I have to offer.

Sounds simple but it’s a habit, which takes 28 days to change, so if you don’t start today – it will take you longer to make the habit a business as usual standard which makes a difference to you, your family and your life.

Be awesome every day.

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